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Colin Manning

Colin Manning provides trade mark registration services to Irish and overseas clients. Colin can provide advice on how to defend registered and unregistered trade marks. Colin can advise and act for clients on Irish and EU trade marks. He can represent clients in trade mark registration opposition proceedings before the EUIPO and the Intellectual Property office of Ireland.  He can also act for clients wishing to register trade marks internationally with the WIPO in Geneva.

Colin holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from University College Cork, and a Masters in Intellectual Property Law. He was admitted to practice before the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in 2016.


Do you need to register a trade mark?

In Ireland and the United Kingdom the law offers some protection to trade marks that are in use, even if they are not registered. But it is much easier to defend your mark and your business's reputation if the mark has been registered. If your business has a reputation in other countries there may be no protection available at all unless the mark is registered.

Colin can provide expert advice on the best strategy for effectively protecting your reputation in all the countries that matter to your business.


Online Service

So much of your business is already online. Why not your trade mark attorney?  Colin provides expert, timely, and cost-effective service to clients wherever they are, so they can carry on doing what they do best.

Voice, text, e-mail, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype are some the tools you use to communicate easily and efficiently everyday. Communicating with your trade mark attorney should be just as easy. Whatever works for you, works for Colin. All communications between trade mark agents and their clients are subject to client-attorney privilege.

Fees are typically outlined and agreed up front, so there are no nasty surprises.

Colin in based in Cork, Ireland.  As an Irish representative, he will be permitted to represent clients before the EUIPO after Brexit.

Registered Designs


Registered Community Design (RCD)

A registered design right protects the appearance of a product.  Unlike a patent which protects the technical aspects of an invention, a registered design protects the non-functional aesthetic elements of a design from being copied.  Product designs, packaging, type faces, maps, and shop layouts can all be protected by registration.

A registered community design is vlid for 5 years.  But it can be renewed every 5 years to extend the protection to 25 years.

Colin can prepare design applications to ensure that they meet the EUIPO's formal requirements.

Non-EU Applicants

EUIPO Representative

Applicants from outside the EU must appoint a representative in order to apply for an EU Trade Mark or a Community Registered Design.

Colin is happy to act a representative for clients from anywhere in the world.

WeChat ID: BishopCastle

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Better yet, let's meet in person!

If you are in Cork City or nearby, Colin would be happy to discuss your trade mark needs in person. e-mail:

Colin Manning, Registered Trade Mark Agent

54 Uam Var Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland T12 H5KE

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